Guided Tours of Rome and Countryside

Tour CLASSICAL ROME on foot:   
Tour classical Rome.  We start at the Spanish Steps and first visit the TREVI FOUNTAIN. After the Temple of HADRIAN we will stroll through the heart of the old downtown area to the PANTHEON to experience Rome´s best preserved ancient temple, we will see PIAZZA NAVONA and CAMPO di FIORI squares with artists, cafes and beautiful fountains. Then we will cross the Jewish section and enjoy a wonderful view of the FORUM ROMANUM from the Capitol Hill. Duration 3 hours.

Führugen durch Rom    Stadtführugen durch Rom    Spaziergänge durch Rom    antikes Rom Rom   

Tour ANCIENT ROME on foot:
We visit the unique BASILICA of ST. CLEMENS with the excavated underground floors of the early christian centuries and the roman empire. We proceed on to the COLOSSEUM. Visit of the amphitheater and of the excavation area FORUM ROMANUM. Duration 3 hours.

Führugen durch Rom    Stadtführugen durch Rom    Führugen durch Rom    antikes Rom Rom    Stadtführugen durch Rom   

Tour CHRISTIAN ROME on foot:
We visit two of Rome´s papal churches. We start with the Cathedral ST. JOHN´S IN LATERAN and the HOLY STEPS. Then we will admire the early christian, byzantine and medieval mosaics in the BASILICAS ST. MARIA MAGGIORE and ST. PRAXEDIS. We conclude the Christian Rome Tour with the statue of MOSES by MICHELANGELO in the BASILICA ST. PETER IN CHAINS. Duration 3 hours.


Rom by night:
Only for groups. You will be delighted by Rom`s intriguing charm by night. A panoramic tour passes PIAZZA VENEZIA with the VICTOR EMANUEL II Monument, passes the CAPITOL, the street of the FORUM ROMANUM which is leading to the COLOSSEUM and ARC OF CONSTANTINE, to the PIAZZA DELLA REPUBBLICA and VENETO STREET, street of the 'DOLCE VITA, ST. ANGEL´S CASTEL and ST. PETER´S at The VATICAN a short stop for a photo and then back to the Hotels. Duration 2,5 hours.


BORGHESE Collection:
You will see the great art collection of the Cardinal Scipione Borghese with paintings and scuptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio, Titian, Raffael etc. Duration ca. 2 hours.


For small groups the meeting place is at the entrance of the archeological site. The visit of the ancient sea and river port of Rome takes you to some of the most significant sites like to the NECROPOLIS. We will visit the THERMAE of NEPTUNE, admire the ancient menues still posted in the restaurant THERMOPOLIUM, the THEATER and see the public Toilets FORICA. Duration 2,5 hours.


Tour to TIVOLI:
The meeting place for small groups is in Tivoli, by bus from Rome (ca 40 KM). Visit of the renaissance residence of the governor of Tivoli, of CARDINAL HYPPOLIT D´ESTE, son of LUCREZIA BORGIA. VILLA D´ESTE is famous for the many unique fountains built in the sixteenth century. Still splendidly working today they are powered only by gravity and are set in the middle of an enchanting garden. Afterwards we will take a stroll through the medieval center of the town. Duration 3 hours, from Rome 5 hours.


Tour to FRASCATI and CASTELGANDOLFO by bus only:
It´s a panoramic Tour to the little villages in he wine region in the south of Rome. We stop in CASTELGANDOLFO, the village of the pope´s summer residence. We continue along the volcanic lake of ALBANO to FRASCATI. We will stop in a typical little restaurant for a snack with Frascati wine. Back to Rome. Duration 5-6 hours.

Tour to SUBIACO by bus only:
We drive eastward to the foot of the abruzzi mountains (80 KM) to Subiaco. We visit the ancient and picturesque monastery of the Benedictine´s SACRO SPECO, where the holy ST. BENEDICT has lived for a while. There we will admire the medieval frescoes and visit their church. We continue through the town of Tivoli and visit the archeological site of  the EMPEROR HADRIAN´S residence in Villa Adriana. Later back to Rome. Duration 6-7 hours.


Individual Excursions
We plan and create special individual Tours just for you.
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